Plumbing services by Thameside Heating & Plumbing

Plumbing repairs

[photo of some bathroom taps]

Thameside plumbing offers a priority 24 hour response service for all emergencies. All our engineers are fully trained in this field and have a high percentage of materials needed on board the emergency vehicle.

Plumbing covers a vast amount of different areas within the industry.

Listed below are a few of the main things you may encounter:

  • Leaking pipes (water or drainage)
  • Dripping taps
  • Faulty shower/mixer valves
  • Blocked sink, basin or bath
  • Air locks
  • Blocked toilets or urinals
  • Faulty emersion heaters
  • Overflowing tanks (ball valves)

Plumbing installations

The Thameside plumbing installation team are familiar with all the manufacturers of equipment and materials needed for your situation. Please contact us to book an appointment.